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Patented lamination process

The semi-finished and Promovita® products range is fruit of the Coccato & Mezzetti Research and Development department, which has targeted its work on bio-plastification. Bio-plastification is a patented lamination process using Mater-BI® bio-plastic and natural processing methods, which make it possible to avoid the risks of chemical glues and synthetic polymers and to preserve the biodegradability and compostability of the raw materials, therein constituting an added value of reduced environmental pollution.

PROMOVITA® - Tessuto non tessuto, semilavorati ed estrusi biodegradabili

System with One Objective

In addition to being biodegradable, Promovita® bioplastic products are compostable meaning they can be disposed of as organic material in municipal solid waste systems and be treated in composting plants where waste is transformed into compost i.e. fertiliser for plants.

Additionally, during cremation, Promovita® produces minimal amounts of CO2, consequently not producing greenhouse gases.